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Cyber-responsibility seminars!

The District 300 Family and Community Engagement [FACE] Program will be offering adult learning opportunities for parents, primary care-givers, and community members that focus on three objectives…
I. Parenting and Advocacy

II. Student Achievement

III. Personal, Professional, and Family Development
The FACE Program objective of "Parenting & Advocacy" involves offering opportunities that provide knowledge, skills, and resources to improve parent-child, social-emotional relationships, and to more effectively understand and navigate the school system.
Throughout October (Bullying Prevention Month) the FACE Program is sponsoring the following seminar:
Title of Seminar
Target Audience
Description of Seminar
School Site
Project B3:
Be Smart.

Be Safe.

Be Kind
Target Audience:
3rd - 8th grd. students and parents
These seminars educate parents, caregivers, and students on recent trends in social media, apps students are using and how to successfully navigate the digital world. The workshops provide advice on setting limits and support for continuous education.

Students are encouraged to attend with their parents.

The content of the seminars will be repeated at each location. (This is NOT a series of workshops.) Families can attend more than one and can attend at any location.

Spanish version of written materials will be provided at all seminars. A Spanish interpreter will be available at the CMS location only.
Location I: Algonquin
Middle School
7:00 - 8:30 PM
Signs will be posted for specific location at each school
Presented by The Parent Feed w/assistance from D300 High School Seniors
Location II: Carpentersville Middle School
Location III: Dundee
Middle School
Location IV: Hampshire
Middle School
Location V: Westfield Community School
Please contact Dr. Sarah Kedroski, Student Services Executive Director, for more information on the FACE Program or for seminar information
Phone: 224-484-2500
Fax: 847-426-2962
Parkview Elementary
122 Carpenter Blvd.
Carpentersville, IL 60110
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